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Other Jewish tribes, including Fadattr, Tedma and Magna reached similar deals.Muslim forces capture Caesarea, forcing the city's estimated 100,000 Jews to follow the Pact of Omar, which meant they had to pray quietly, not build new synagogues and not prevent Jews from converting to Islam.

This form of distinctive dress was an additon to badge Jews were forced to wear.Roman emperor Lucious Septimus Severus treats Jews relatively well, allowing them to participate in public offices and be exempt from formalities contrary to Judaism.However, he did not allow the Jews to convert anyone Jewish Revolts against Rome in Cyprus, Egypt and Cyrene.The Jews were also forbidden from riding horses and holding judicial or civil posts, and were forced to wear a yellow patch for identification.In the wake of a narrow military defeat over Muslim forces, Leo III of Constantinople decided his nation's weakness lay in its heterogenious population, and began the forcible conversion of the Jews, as well as the "New Christians." Most converted under Leo III clandestinely continued their Jewish practices.Emperor Heraclius breaks his promise of protection to Jews, massacring any he found and forbidding them from entering Jerusalem.

Hundreds of Jews were killed and thousands exhiled to Egypt, ending the Jewish towns in the Galilee and Judea.

Bowing political pressure, English King Edward I expels the Jews from England.

They were only allowed to take what they could carry and most went to France, paying for thier passage only to be robbed and cast overboard by the ship captains.

King Henry III of England ordered Jewish worship in synagogue to be held quietly so that Christians passing by do not have to hear it.

e also ordered that Jews may not employ Christian nurses or maids, nor may any Jew prevent another from converting to Christianity.

In the town of Blois, southwest of Paris, Jews are falsely accused of committing ritual murder ((killing of a Christian child) and blood libel. The Church's Fourth Lateran Council decrees that Jews be differentiated from others by their type of clothing to avoid intercourse between Jews and Christians.

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