Xiuli and dating scams

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Xiuli and dating scams

In Shenzhen, an unlicensed motorcycle taxi driver charged a checkpoint and was hit by an inspector in the head with a walkie-talkie. (October 22, 2008) Chinese Official "Trips Over A Tree Stump" In Tainan And Causes Major Incident A collection of various news reports and commentaries about the Association for Relations Across the Taiwan Strait vice-chairman Zhang Mingqing (possibly) being assaulted by a violent mob in Tainan.(October 15, 2008) The Police Beat A Harbin University Student To Death An Internet controversy about the interpretation of a surveillance video tape of a brawl between plainclothes police officers and university students.(October 13, 2008) The Rumor Monger Jia Xiaoyin A Chinese netizen finds himself in deep trouble over a post that charged that Yang Jia killed six policemen in revenge for a police beating that rendered him impotent.

He may or may have been banned by the State Administration of Radio, Television and Film because his look was incompatible with mainstream values.Changjiang Business News reporter Yao Haiying reported on a case about the leaking of business secrets and finds himself the target of an investigation for graft.In frustration, he publicized his case on the Internet and got justice (more or less).Cyber cafes in Guanxian county, Shandong province, have been shut down for more than two months.Could the reason be an Internet post about how the local family planning office forced a 9-month-pregnant woman to undergo an abortion during which mother and baby died?When she refused to cooperate with these five non-uniformed strangers, they beat her to death.

Wal-Mart has made no comment more than one week after the incident.(September 5, 2009) The Legend Returns When a new version of the legendary online game Legend was released, players rebelled and paralyzed the game by standing at the city gates and blocking all other entrants.

A series of nine photographs showed a run-down elementary school in rural Guangdong contrasted with the modernistic and spacious local government offices and led netizens to wonder how it could happen in the Chinese province with highest GDP.

University professor Yang Shiqun was denounced by students for allegedly speaking about an illegal organization and an overseas website in class.

"I love it when people pay attention to me, praise me and flatter me on the Internet." A hill of iron slag collapsed in Lifan county.

A reporter found that there was a cover-up on the cause as well as the number of deaths.

Netizens posted photos of the garbage heaps and generated public pressure that forced the actions to be stopped.

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